AccuQuilt Block Party Blog Hop

Today is my day on the AccuQuilt Block Party Blog Hop. In my last post, I gave you a sneak peak of the GO! Kite cutting die #55254. At the time, I was still deciding on my fabrics.



After looking at ALL my options, I decided to use red, white, and blue fabrics. I also played with color placement to create a secondary pattern.

I really like that you can cut all the pieces you need for each Kite block unit at the same time. I’m making a small project and using a couple different colors for each shape. So, I cut my fabrics into rectangles, that way I could cover only the shape I wanted to cut. Then I layered two like-fabric rectangles on top of the appropriate shapes, and placed the cutting mat on top of the fabric.


I rolled it through the cutter … Violá! Two units cut out! How cool is that!


To make the best use of my fabric, I cut the red rectangles 5 1/2″ x 9″. After cutting the first shape, I rotated the red rectangles and cut two more units.


In less than 10 minutes, I had cut out all the shapes and was ready to start sewing. One of the great things about this die is the dog ears have been trimmed. That makes aligning the pieces easy peasy! Just align the raw edges and sew a 1/4″ seam allowance.


Press the seam allowances to one side. Add the next piece and press. Super easy!




Once all the units were finished, I joined four units to make a Kite block.



I made four identical blocks and then join those blocks to make a larger block.


Originally, I thought I would add a couple borders to make a 21″ x 21″ Patriotic Table Topper. Perfect for decorating my table on the 4th of July.

Patriotic Table Topper by Nancy Mahoney

Patriotic Table Topper by Nancy Mahoney

On the other hand, if I made 12 large blocks I would have a fabulous 57″ x 73″ Quilt of Valor! Just imagine what a special quilt that would be!

Quilt of Valor by Nancy Mahoney

Quilt of Valor by Nancy Mahoney

Visit the AccuQuilt website to see all of the new dies. While you’re there be sure to download the free GO! Hummingbird Quilt pattern.


Until next time…Happy Quilting! ~Nancy
















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New Block Party Dies from AccuQuilt

I’m so excited about the new Block Party Dies from AccuQuilt! I can’t decide if my favorite is the GO! Flowering Snowball cutting die or the GO! Kite cutting die.


Many years ago I found this 1930s Hummingbird quilt. I enjoy recreating vintage quilts using new fabrics. So, for years, I’ve wanted to make a project using this wonderful block. But the thought of cutting out all those pieces using a template was….daunting!


Now, I can cut out the shapes using AccuQuilt’s new GO! Kite cutting die! Woo Hoo! Just think how much easier and faster that is going to be!


My project is still in the planning stages. But I’ve started thinking about what fabrics I want to use. I could use just two fabrics from my Urban Classics collection, plus white for background…


Or, I could use four different fabrics in each block with a white or gray background…


Or, I could use bright batiks with a navy background…


Or … well, you get the idea!! I hope you’ll join me for the AccuQuilt Block Party Blog Hop, May 19-30. Be sure to visit my blog on May 29! I’ll be revealing my fabric choice and project!

Until then…Happy Quilting! ~Nancy



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