Fabric, Fabric Everywhere

When I moved into my new house the movers stacked the boxes of fabric all higgly-piggly in the room making it was impossible to find anything. So, out of frustration, I moved all the boxes against the wall and wrote on the side of each box. That way I’d at least have a clue as to what was in each box. Or, at least that was the idea!

fabric boxes

Before I could unpack my fabric I needed to find shelves and paint the room. So, I moved all the boxes back to the middle of the room. Which meant, I had to restack the boxes a few times, because whatever I needed was always in the box on the bottom. Believe me, there were times when I thought it would be easier to buy new fabric than search through boxes…again!

The new shelves arrived about a week ago. Of course, they had to be unpacked and assembled.


Finally, I could start unpacking fabric. That’s when I discovered  that having a non-quilter…err..husband…pack fabric is not(!) a good idea. A little surprise awaits every time I open a box. One boxed labeled “yellow blue” was full of green fabric. Hmmm…


Needless to say, it’s taking longer to unpack that I had anticipated…I suspect I’ll have to rearrange a bit, once I have everything unpack. And, I may need more shelves. In the meantime, I found a really cool bookcase that I just had to have.


I love the green color and there is a really wonderful surprise on the back.


Well, I have more boxes to unpack. And, I need to decide what I’m going to put in my green bookcase!

Until next time… Happy Quilting, Nancy

About Nancy Mahoney

I'm a traditional quiltmaker, teacher, Martingale author, and fabric designer for P&B Textiles. I enjoy traveling to guilds and events around the country, sharing my quilts, teaching my piecing and machine-applique techniques, and visiting gardens. You can find me on Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest.
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  1. Once you’re finished it’ll be a fabulous space I’m sure. That bookcase is a real treasure and I think the back is such a fun surprise too! Having the mister pack your fabric might not have been too bad of a thing — isn’t it better to find surprises in each box — like Cracker Jacks! Enjoy your holidays. Looking forward to your room reveal.

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