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5 star Amazon book reviews for Appliqué Quilt

This would be a great gift for any quilter...so
treat yourself or someone you know to some
appliqué inspiration.
H. Lint

I really love this book by Nancy Mahoney and
am going to be using a lot of her appliqués from
it. Her books are great!
F. Webb
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Order ebook from Martingale
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Amazon book reviews for Quilt Revival

I really enjoyed my copy of Quilt Revival, updated
patterns from the 30's. I've had it on pre-order for
some time, and when it finally came in I couldn't wait
to read it. The author covers the basics, but does not
linger overlong on subjects best covered in beginning
books. I loved the fabric choices used by the author
(I'm an Aunt Grace fiend), and in particular I like her
Flying Kites block, Spring Nest quilt. This was a great
book, sure to appeal to repro fabric lovers.
S. Night
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Amazon book reviews

Nancy always makes her books fun to read with
interesting anecdotes and fun, easy, patterns.
This book is no exception. Once again she
demonstrates how to use a simple technique to
get dramatic results. The instructions are so
good, anyone can make these quilts and get a
great result. Kaleidoscopes can be intimidating,
but Nancy has unlocked the puzzle with these
patterns. Try it! You'll like it!
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"First, I want to congratulate Nancy for
her 13th book with Martingale. Thank
you for making our world of quilting so
This new book, Simple Circles and
Quick Curves has spectacular designs
with easy to follow instructions. Her
techniques for creating quilts with
curves and circles are perfect for
quilters of all levels.
Don't be afraid of making quilts with
curves using this excellent new book.  
Modern Maze pattern
Purple Haze pattern
Apple Cider pattern
Twisted Logs pattern
Color Play pattern
Gumdrops pattern
Double Stars pattern
Crooked Path pattern
Tranquil Stars pattern
Gallery Walk pattern
Boxing Match pattern
Berry Wreath pattern
White Chocolate pattern